Tesla 0002: Garage Cleanup In Progress

Given it was a nice Sunday, I took the opportunity to clean the garage to make it ready to house the Tesla. Lots of junk like old trash cans, old kids bicycle, cardboard, metal and wood panels from previous house construction took down to the Montgomery County Waste Disposal to dispose it greenly. This made room for the paper and plastic recycle bins against the wall to free up garage space for parking the Tesla Model 3.

As I was cleaning the garage, the wife suggested that I sell the 20 year old electric lawn mower sitting in the corner of the garage which has not been used in like 5 years, since we started to have a professional come and mow the lawn. So I found the URL of the mower online and used Facebook marketplace to post it for sale. Within 2 hours I had 6 people interested in buying a 20 year mower for $50 buys. The new owner of the 20 year mower showed up at the house late afternoon and picked up the mower and I was $50 richer than yesterday.

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