Tesla 0026 : Tesla Mobile Service Experience

Ready for the Tesla service to replace the rubber seal around the rear passenger door. The appointment if from 10:30 AM to 12:30 AM, and I hope he shows up earlier vs later part of the appointment. Received a text message from the mobile service technician at around 11:30 AM that he was on his way and should arrive by 12:00 PM (noon). At the clock struck 12:00, he was knocking on the door. The time of arrival very accurate and helpful to plan your day.

Once he arrived, he pulled out the appropriate part that was ordered and started to work on the car, within 10 mins he had taken out the damaged rubber seal and replaced it with the new one. He mentioned that given the rubber seal is new, the closing of the door would require additional push for couple of weeks until the seal had settled in.

Overall the process was smooth, good communication from the Tesla service team via text message and emails.

Earlier in the day I had also received an email from Tesla service team with the work order, that mentioned my information, cars details and the part that was ordered and was going to be installed, along with the cost of zero that was due. Once the work was completed, I received another email from Tesla service team with the same work order marked as paid.

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