Tesla 0035 : Thanks MOM’s

Today I had to drive my daughter and 2 of her friends to Tuscarora High School in Frederick, MD for a Junior Varsity scrimmage game. We had to be there by 4:30 PM. We did get there on time, but the car was down to 25% (around 60 miles) and would have been down to 18% (40 miles) once I drove them back after the game.

So once I dropped them off, opened up the ChargePoint app on my iPhone and searched for a near by charger that I could use to get some charge while I waited for about 2 1/2 hours for the soccer game to be done. The app found MOM’s Organic Market at 5273 Buckeystown Pike, Frederick, MD 21703, 2 miles from the school, had 2 chargers available for customers to use. So I got into the car and drove to the location, upon my arrival, I was happy to see one open spot for charging, the second charger was taken by a brand new Tesla red Model 3, still with temporary tags. Pulled into the spot and reviewed the info on the Fuji Electric charging station. Found direction to walk to MOM’s Organic Market service desk to request a Fuji CHAdeMO adapter. So walked in, found the service desk in the back of the store and handed over my driver license in exchange for the CHAdeMO adapter. Returned to the car, plugged it in to the charging station and started the charging. Returned an hour later, with 80 mores miles added to the battery. Unplugged and returned the CHAdeMO adapter back to the service desk in exchange for my driver license. And drove back to the school for the last 1/2 of play.

Initially I was concerned that the car would only have 40 miles for me to use on Tuesday and would force me to go to a supercharge during work, being that I have not yet installed a charger in my garage. I did appreciate the app and the charging station at MOM’s Organic Market, best part of the charging was it was FREE. I guess I will be visiting MOM’s Organic Market more often.

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