Tesla 0046 : First Flat Tire And Experience With Roadside Assistance

Got into the car, to head home. As soon as I pulled out of the parking stop, car warned “Warning tire pressure VERY low, pull over now!”, PSI down to 20. Pulled over and checked for nail, could not locate, so got back into car and drove across street to Costco, and the technician was able to fill the tire with air and was able to locate the nail between the tire treads. They could not help me fix the flat but he mentioned that given the nail is not below the treads, it should be safe to drive home, less then 5 miles.

Upon arriving home, used the Tesla app to request road side service at around 6:15 PM. Received a call at 6:30 PM from the towing company that he will arrive at my house in the next 45 meets to replace the flat tire with a loaner tire. As promised he arrived around 7:15 PM and was able to replace the flat with loaner tire while the car was still in the garage. He mentioned that he would take the flat to the nearest service center, Rockville, tomorrow morning and they would repair it if possible.

Next day, I contacted the service center and they mentioned they were able to repair the tires (cost would be $70 for the repair, ouch!!!) and I could stop by (off course, non peak times) or make an appointment to have the loaner replaced with my repaired tire. I choose to stop by on Saturday around 11:30 AM, given I was driving by and took a chance. They were able to accommodate me to have the tires replaced. Had to wait like 45 mins, the first time the sensor did not connect to car so technician had to active it manually, but it was worth not going during weekdays.

Overall, I was satisfied with the roadside service and the new age car servicing process.

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